Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facts about Ukraine you did not know

- The name of the book written by the first Ukrainian president is "It is what it is"
- The name of the book written by the second president of Ukraine is "Ukraine is not Russia"
- Ukrainian national anthem starts with words "Ukraine has not died yet..."
- The most famous Ukrainian writer is Taras Shevchenko. His most famous poem starts with words "When I die you should bury me in a grave on the large field, in my native country..."
- How to recognize Russians/Ukrainians in line? They come so close to you that you are getting a feeling they think you are their relative. But the purpose of such behavior of course is so no other person would physically not be able to cut in line in front of them. And Yes, that includes you too!
- Talking about lines, be aware that simple question "Are you in line?" may lead to long conversation how you should look better to determine whether he/she is in line or not "Why am I standing near this line if I am not in it, isn't it obvious?!"
- One of the most famous old ukrainian sayings is "My house is far from others', I don't want to know anything" (Моя хата скраю, - ничого не знаю) . Another famous one is "If I can't eat it, I will at least bite it". (Как не съем, то понадкусываю).
- Ukrainians call Russians "Moskali" (from Moscow). Russians call Ukrainians "Hohly" (from special hair style Hohol that Cossacks were wearing).

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