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Hotels in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is famous for it's SPAs.  It has two termal SPAs.

  1. Caracalla located in Romerplatz 1, Baden-Baden
  2. Freidrichbad (Roman-Irish) 

List of inexpensive hotels in Baden-Baden, Germany.
It took me 3.5 hours on a plane to put together this list. Later, I did not go to Baden-Baden after all. I am posting the list for my own future references.

The main thing to have in mind when searching for cheap hotels is to look for an address. It should say "Baden-Baden" as a city. Otherwise you are risking to end up with  a long commute everyday to reach that bathhouse you wanted to visit so badly.


  • Kull von Schmidsfelden Hotel $57 with free wi-fi and breakfast
  • Hotel Am Froschbachel $71 
  • Henre-Punant Platz 2, Buchl (this one is way to far from Baden-Baden though)  
  • Faxe Schwarzwalder Hof #68
    Weinstrasse 79, Kappelrodeck
  • Christliches Nichtraucher-Hotel $64
    Olgastrasse 65, Bad Wildbad
  • Hotel Beck 85 euro, 
  • Hotel Regent 61 euro
  • Hotel Merkur 82 euro
  • Bad Hotel zum Hirsch 90 euro
  • Guesthaus Auerhahn 59-79 euro  - two buses from Hbf, one bus to City center/
  • !!Hotel am Markt 60-80 euro 
    Marktplatz 18 +49722127040
  • !!Historic Hotel Rathausglocket from 77 euro +49722190610


  • Werner-Dietz Jugendberge
    Hardbergstrasse 34. Check-in time 17:00 15-27 euro.
  • Booksunshine
    Augustplatz 25-30 euro - private room, shower on a floor.

Getting Around Munich

When you arrived to the MUC airport, there is a train from Flughafen (airport in German), it runs right from there.
The city center is Main platz. There are two trains that go there. S8 and S1. The fastest is S8. I made a mistake and took S1, it took me 45 minutes to get to the city center. S8 goes straight to the center while S1 goes around the whole city and makes lots of stops.

It cost 10.40 euro for one-time trip from/to Flughafen. If you plan to take more Subway trips that day - buy 11.40 euro all day pass.

Other things about Munich:

Main bus station called Munchen ZOB Hackerbrucke
Address: Arnulfstrasse 21, Munich
---Taking bus to get around Bavaria is often more convenient and much less expensive that trains.

Main train station called Munchen Hbf
is located near bus station (just one stop away on S-bahn).

List of inexpensive hotels in MUC near Hauptbahnhof

I put this list together when I was preparing to stay in Munich for a day, while commuting to the States.
  • InterCity Hitel Munchen 80
  • Condor Gastro GmbH *** 85
  • !! Hotel Modern * 55
  • Atlas CityHotel  *** 50
  • Pension/Guesthause am Hauptbahnhof 58
  • Hotel Jessin 35 
  • !!Easy Palace Station (Smart Stay) 39
  • Hotel Tessin 35
  • Hotel Dolomit  9  

Prices at June 2013 

P.S. I guess you can call yourself well-traveled when you can spell "Hauptbahnhof" without mistakes. Lol