Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hotels in Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is famous for it's SPAs.  It has two termal SPAs.

  1. Caracalla located in Romerplatz 1, Baden-Baden
  2. Freidrichbad (Roman-Irish) 

List of inexpensive hotels in Baden-Baden, Germany.
It took me 3.5 hours on a plane to put together this list. Later, I did not go to Baden-Baden after all. I am posting the list for my own future references.

The main thing to have in mind when searching for cheap hotels is to look for an address. It should say "Baden-Baden" as a city. Otherwise you are risking to end up with  a long commute everyday to reach that bathhouse you wanted to visit so badly.


  • Kull von Schmidsfelden Hotel $57 with free wi-fi and breakfast
  • Hotel Am Froschbachel $71 
  • Henre-Punant Platz 2, Buchl (this one is way to far from Baden-Baden though)  
  • Faxe Schwarzwalder Hof #68
    Weinstrasse 79, Kappelrodeck
  • Christliches Nichtraucher-Hotel $64
    Olgastrasse 65, Bad Wildbad
  • Hotel Beck 85 euro, 
  • Hotel Regent 61 euro
  • Hotel Merkur 82 euro
  • Bad Hotel zum Hirsch 90 euro
  • Guesthaus Auerhahn 59-79 euro  - two buses from Hbf, one bus to City center/
  • !!Hotel am Markt 60-80 euro 
    Marktplatz 18 +49722127040
  • !!Historic Hotel Rathausglocket from 77 euro +49722190610


  • Werner-Dietz Jugendberge
    Hardbergstrasse 34. Check-in time 17:00 15-27 euro.
  • Booksunshine
    Augustplatz 25-30 euro - private room, shower on a floor.

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